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Lew Lara — Cacau Show

With a degree in Advertising and Visual Arts, she began her career as director’s assistant for Arnaldo Jabor.

After being asked by Clovis Mello to become his assistant, she steered several important teams in campaigns that marked an era.

She worked in over 1000 films until she began directing in 2003, kick-starting her solo career with important projects with a feminine and delicate perspective.

She’s notorious for her sensitivity and accuracy when it comes to directing actors, applying aesthetics to art direction and creating natural set designs.

Nowadays, she stands out in the products and food segment linked to lifestyle and human relationships, a path she found where she can recreate numerous stories of inspiring lives.

Her greatest inspiration was always film, music and the arts, and her greatest desire is to respect the beauty, strength and poetry of life in all its different forms.