23 Vidas


Em desenvolvimento

Daniel’s life is transformed after his girlfriend dies in a car accident. They were coming back from Alice’s graduation party when they were hit by Johnny, a minor who was street racing and also didn’t survive the crash. The girls’ organs are donated and Daniel becomes obsessed with living among the people who received Alice’s body parts.
Suddenly he meets Andrea, the sister of the boy who caused the tragedy. A love story begins, filled with intensity and conflict, in which the confines of passion determine the capacity to transform. In a network of solitary relationships, in which people have to survive in a metropolis where no one looks at anyone, we trace the storylines of isolated relationships that, slowly, begin to intertwine.
Love, loneliness, fantasies, friendship, companionship, abysses, illusions and reality. Daniel is the contemporary hero, filled with defects, but deeply loved and determined. The relationships he builds shake when his secret is revealed.

Ficha técnica

  • Original ScoreJô Bilac e Miçairi Guimarães
  • ProductionRaul Doria
  • Executive ProductionLuciane Toffoli