Divaldo Franco


Em desenvolvimento

The film is a biography of the spiritual medium Divaldo Franco. Born in the small town of Feira de Santana, in the countryside of Bahia, Divaldo experienced mediumship as of age 4. Concerned with what he saw, rejected by other children and repressed by his father, the boy didn’t have an easy childhood. At age 17, convinced that it was useless to ignore his gift and supported by his mother, Divaldo comes into contact with spiritism and moves to Salvador to study the doctrine. With the help of a spiritual guide, Joanna de Angelis, Divaldo overcomes the feelings of nostalgia for his family and loneliness in the big city and embraces his mission. A few years later, that strange boy from Feira de Santana became one of the most integral mediums of all time and relinquished his personal life to dedicate entirely to charity.

Ficha técnica

  • CoproductionEstação Luz and 20th Century Fox
  • Initial script developmentGlauber Paiva Filho, Rosália Figueirêdo and Osiel Vieira
  • ScriptwriterClovis Mello
  • ProductionEduardo Girão, Raul Doria and Sidney Girão
  • Executiva ProductionIsabela Veras and Luciane Toffoli
  • Direction of PhotographyJean Benoît
  • Production DesignClaudia Terçarolli
  • CastingMarcela Altberg
  • SoundRicardo Cadilla
  • EditingJoão Branco
  • SoundtrackHilton Raw
  • TalentBruno Garcia, Ghilherme Lobo, João Bravo, Regiane Alves, Marcos Veras, Laila Garin, Caco Monteiro, Ana Cecília Costa, Bruno Suzano and Osvaldo Mil