In the Name of My People



“In the Name of My People” is a documentary based on the book “A Woman among Warlords” by Malalai Joya, an activist for social justice, human rights and women’s rights, renowned internationally, who fights for peace, the union of the people and real democracy in Afghanistan. In 2009, BBC nominated Malalai Joya as “the bravest woman of Afghanistan.”
In the film, Malalai presents her life story, explaining how she’s always been involved in the fight against misogyny, fundamentalism, political oppression and war. Malalai, a strong opposer of the Taliban and Allegiance of the North, which the USA put in power in 2001, was the first woman elected for Afghan parliament. But, after severely criticizing fundamentalists parliament members, her term was suspended. After being victim of several murder attempts, Malalai is constantly moving houses and is guarded by 12 armed officers every day.
The documentary, led by Malalai, seeks to reveal the situation in Afghanistan and the different invasions the country has suffered, with wars breaking out for the last 38 years. Aside from several testimonials from families that lived the wars, the film includes interviews with international specialists and activists that speak of the history and future of the country.