Vivo por Dinheiro


Em desenvolvimento

Based on the play “Maldito Benefício” [Damn Benefit] by Leonardo Cortez, nominated for Shell and APCA Awards for Best Author in 2014, the film “Vivo por dinheiro” [I Live for Money] (working title) tells the story of Tião, a failed ex-football player with a bad credit record, who barely lives off of what he makes as an app driver to support his pregnant wife and ill father.
The family is surprised when a notice arrives from the Social Security system, saying that Tião’s father has an outstanding benefit to receive, which may solve all of the family’s bills. The only problem is that he’s a terminally ill patient and will only have access to the money on his next birthday. And no one knows if he’ll make it!
“If I die before receiving the benefit, you freeze my body in the butcher’s freezer”, suggests the father. It wasn’t a bad idea after all. After ensuring the money, the family starts spending. The problem is that the old man gets a transplant, lives and decides he isn’t going to give his son any of the money.

Ficha técnica

  • ScriptLeonardo Cortez e André Rodrigues
  • ProductionRaul Doria
  • Executive ProductionLuciane Toffoli